Ana Sprenger is the sole owner and operator of Blooming Lotus Henna; she was brought to the artform some years ago through the tradition of Prenatal Henna and the birth of her daughter.  Since then, Ana has been a fervent student and practitioner of henna body art, specializing in henna during pregnancy and also traveling across Oregon and Washington annualy to provide henna for various festivals and events.

​Having studied henna from all parts of the world, it's historical traditions, and geographic nuances; her style of application and attention to technique gives Ana's henna body art a bold flowing quality, heavily influenced by Sudanese, Arabic and Indian aesthetics. Ana mixes all of her henna paste in small batches by hand using the highest quality henna powder and locally sourced organic essential oils; her knowledge as an apprentice midwife and midwifery student has helped her to tailor her paste recipes and application technique to allow for the safest, most comfortable, and enjoyable experience anyone could ask for, pregnant or not!


Ana's work has been featured internationally within The Mother Magazine and Sacred Pregnancy Magazine;  her work is also featured as a permenant mural at the Alma Birth Center in Portland, OR.  She has had the honor to teach Henna to her peers on the national level at the Henna Intensive and Retreat in Wrightwood, CA.

In addition to practicing the amazing craft of henna, Ana is also a Fine Art Photographer of portraiture and landscape.  All photos of Blooming Lotus Henna, unless otherwise noted, are shot by herself with 35mm/medium format film that is then transferred to digital format and minimally edited.  

Photo by Margret Jacobsen